The History Of K. Williamson Veneers

K. Williamson Veneers was originally founded in 1964 by Harry Williamson who set up the business in London, Shoreditch. Harry was privileged to work on prestigious tasks such as the Orient Express and the Queen Mary. He was soon joined by his son Ken in 1968 to whom he passed on his wealth of experience over the course of 25 years before retiring in 1993. Since then Ken has developed and encouraged growth of the family business by introducing automated machinery, new efficient processes, and diversity to deliver exceptionally high quality projects.

In 1982 the business was relocated to London, Leytonstone where it continued to grow. Ken was then joined in 2002 by his son Mark who to this day has been at the forefront of the veneering trade following in his father’s footsteps. More recently in 2004 the decision was made to move to Hertfordshire to be closer to the family home.

Now located in Hertford, Hertfordshire the family business is looking to expand further afield by taking on bigger and more challenging opportunities with the view to expand and grow within the popular and ever growing woodwork industry.

Our vast experience and commitment to excellence has enabled us to become a leading veneer specialist in the UK. We have an impressive client list which continues to grow. We keep up to date with the latest techniques in the industry whilst also staying true to our traditional roots.


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